Our Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is manufactured from rotary peeled wood veneers that have been pre-graded for stiffness and to achieve different structural properties. The veneers are glued together using a durable structural adhesive and pressed to form long continuous sections (panels) with the grain running parallel to the main axis.

The sections are then cut into LVL products of various kinds with properties that include – high strength and stiffness; reliability and uniformity of quality; straightness and durability; and easy cutting and machining using standard woodworking tools. LVL is also known to have fire resistant characteristics.

Our LVL is ideally suited to a wide range of light to heavy structural uses in both commercial and residential applications, including framing, rafters, joists, lintels, trusses, beams, formwork, and scaffold planks.

Because of their high-performance characteristics, our LVL products can be used as suitable alternatives to steel, reinforced concrete, solid timber and finger-jointed wood in many situations.

Lintels – J-Lintel

Is a reliable straight and true product designed for use in accordance with NZS3604 Timber Framed Buildings, J-Lintel will typically be used as load bearing beams for windows, doors, garage spans and some commercial applications.

Framing – J-Frame

J-FRAME is a general purpose Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) gauged Framing timber manufactured by Juken New Zealand Ltd (JNL) from 100% renewable Radiata Pine, plantation forest.

Edging Boards – J-Edge

J-EDGE is a non–structural straight, light but strong and durable LVL product specially engineered for use in concreting applications as edging boards. It is arrissed (clean edged) and painted for moisture protection and for easy on-site identification.

Form Work Beams – J-Form

J-Form is a structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) product made from 100% renewable plantation wood resources – Radiata Pine. It has been specially designed and manufactured for use in construction and other similar projects.

Scaffold Plank – J-Plank

J-PLANK is a structural laminated veneer lumber scaffold plank made from 100% renewable plantation wood resources – Radiata Pine. It is an essential part of any construction project where safe off ground work and movement is required.

General Construction – J-Wood

Strong, lightweight and stable, J-WOOD is a proven cost-effective material that is easy to install across all forms of general construction purposes.